eBay International Shipping to Lesotho

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Looking to replace a broken piece of your treasured set of china?

Are you seeking collectibles or other rare items? Perhaps you want to bid on an auction to secure the lowest price possible. If so, eBay is the best platform to find.

But the question is: Will eBay ship to Lesotho?

The answer is: It depends on where the eBay seller is located and whether he or she ships internationally.

Some sellers prefer not to offer international shipping. Some might ship to certain countries, but not to Lesotho.

How much does it cost to ship internationally from eBay to Lesotho?

You may encounter another obstacle. You may want to purchase several items, and the various sellers will ship to Lesotho.

However, they cannot consolidate your orders so that you pay one shipping fee to Lesotho.

Suddenly, your shipping fees have put you over budget. Plus, you will need to track multiple packages.

Fear not! There is a way to get one or more items shipped from eBay to Lesotho as an economical shipping fee even when the eBay sellers don’t ship to Lesotho.

Let’s take a look at your shipping options that are available from eBay to Lesotho.

Option 1: Purchase an item through eBay and have it shipped directly to Lesotho

This is the best scenario, and it is a streamlined process. First, sign up for your eBay account. When you search for your item, choose  “free international shipping” from the “delivery options” drop-down menu.

Your search results will include items eligible for international shipping. Select the item you want, and verify its shipping details to ensure it can be delivered to Lesotho. In addition, check how much shipping costs to Lesotho.

However, some sellers simply do not offer worldwide international shipping including Lesotho. They deliver only to select countries.

What do you do in this scenario? What if you want multiple items from multiple sellers?

Let’s explore a really handy second option.

Option 2: Freight forwarding to Lesotho from eBay


This option will work for any item you purchase from eBay, and it will save you money when you purchase from multiple sellers.

First, you need to obtain a U.S. address. You will have eBay sellers deliver to this address.

How can you do this? You don’t live there, and you have no relatives in the U.S. How is it possible to get a U.S. address?

A little research will show that there are companies that will provide you with a U.S. address, and they will help with international shipping.

These companies are known as freight forwarders. A simple Google search will result in numerous results, although MyUS is an excellent choice.

How does International Shipping Work from eBay to Lesotho using a freight forwarder?

Typically, a freight forwarder owns a warehouse in the U.S. When you establish an account with them, they will provide you with a U.S. address where you have your packages delivered.

You can buy all sorts of items off of eBay or any U.S. retailer and have them shipped to that address.

The freight forwarder will receive packages for you. When you want them shipped to Lesotho, they will consolidate the items into a single package and send it on to you.

What’s especially handy is that you can calculate the shipping before sending items through their service. Their website will have a calculator for you to use.

The good thing is even before using their service you can calculate how much it will cost you if you decide to send your items through their service. They have a calculator on their website to do so.

With a freight forwarding service in America, you can shop just as if you are right in the USA.