deebot 79s vs roomba 690 Review

Watch the video below for an in-depth comparison between deebot 79s vs roomba 690.

Differences between deebot 79s vs roomba 690

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  1. We've had ours for 2 + years, the problem i have is the small white piece that holds the side brushes. one side the side brush falls off and no way to fix it, tried several things. contacted Deebot and "they don't have that piece, but if we are on warranty can have a new unit" if they still produce the product, why wouldn't they have the piece? I asked that question and the reply was "that piece is lost" whatever that means. If a product malfunctions within 2 years or even 3, i find that ridiculous. Other than that, i love the N79, everything else works on it ..sure gets stuck every once in a while, but no more fur bunnies from my Lab.

  2. Mine Died after 1.4 years. Worked great until it just quit doing anything except turn the Auto light on and the initial beeps. The battery is fully charged (measured 16.4V) and all the hair/lint is removed from all rotating parts.

  3. I have the same vacuum and it was a game changer. I have had the same problems and I also notice that it doesn't like operate in direct sunlight. The accesory bundle I bought came with this great little tool to clean the main brush with.

  4. My wife just bought the 79S and it got here today… I have a large dog that sheds alot and there's already some hair around the brush from the first use, but they did include a small brush for cleaning the wheels which includes a small razor edge for cutting the hairs wrapped around… I'm curious if you have any trim pieces running between rooms in your house, and if it has trouble getting past them? I have one that is from the hall to the front room, and another from the hall to the kitchen, and on the first run it would go IN to those areas over the runner, but bumped it from the other side and didn't get out, at least on the first try or two I witnessed.. I feel like I'm going to have to babysit it or pick it up off the floor to charge it after it dies unable to escape one of those rooms.

    Is this a problem for you, or anyone else?

  5. The Deebot 79S doesn't get stuck on the stairs. So they've improved it. Bought one and loved it so much we bought another for our full walkout basement. We're in our 60s and regular vacs are hard to haul around. Robot vacs make a great gift for a disabled or elderly family member. They're much more affordable now too. BTW, I haven't bought new filters. I find they wash very well. So if you're strapped for cash and can't afford the accessory pack, no problem. Wash them and they're like new.

  6. Your phone's screen protector's too small bruh. 🙂 BTW, I just bought this, are you guys using it with voice assistant? I have google home and I want to know all the commands available for this aside from start and stop cleaning.

  7. I just bought this for 150 with tax to go into my kitchen. While I like my neato d3. I was tired of hauling the neato back and forth between main areas. So I figured a cheap robot vacuum would help alot in my kitchen high traffic areas.

  8. Deebots are physically well made .. However after owning a D35 and Slim will never buy another. No it's not stupid and misses half your room; the problem is software gremlins. After 7 months my D35 decided after 5 minutes of work off a full charge: it had a low batteries and kept that opinion that 5 minutes was all it could do even after new battery pack.. 1.5 years later my Deebot Slim shut down after 1-2minutes of working and beeps for it's dustbin, till a reset then do it again 2 minutes later, repeat. The bin switch was working perfectly, the internals of both vacuums upon autopsy/attempted repair were all in perfect condition. Their charge points were kept clean, Deebots are like cars that strand you due to shoddy software issues.

  9. I wash my Deebot filters when I do my weekly clean. That way everything functions optimally and I don't need to change the filters so often. I empty the dust bin after every use as it tends to get pretty full.

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