debot m80 pro vs roomba 652 Review

Watch the video below for an in-depth comparison between debot m80 pro vs roomba 652.

Differences between debot m80 pro vs roomba 652

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  1. As an owner of a Neato, just some things here that I'm noticing….these are meant for cleaning an already fairly well kept home. As a mother of three back in the day, this would have never worked in our home…but it does an AMAZING job of keeping our downsized condo floor cleaned. You have to be sure to keep things out of the way. I have grandchildren now and they play in the second bedroom. I'm always sure to keep that door shut when the Neato goes to work. I also shut the doors of our bathrooms. Wall-E (the name of our Neato) does a fantastic job of keeping things tidy every other day. I haven't used my canister vac since we completed remodeling this home. The floor really shouldn't have any items around that can be pushed around….how in the world did the toothbrush get there? LOL. They can all do a good job, but you have to do your part.

  2. I've got to agree with several other posters here. Why in the world would you compare the lowest end Deebot to much higher end, more expensive Neato and Roomba? You're throwing ECOVACS directly under the bus here. I have their Deebot R95 which I paid $370 for on Amazon and it has most of the features of the $900 Roomba 980. Laser mapping, app control scheduling, all that jazz. It will also mop which the Roomba and Neato will NOT do. Even at it's full retail of $550 the Deebot R95 would have been the more appropriate choice in this comparison.

  3. I recently purchased Neato Connected. You should first clean the floor from small objects like Lego blocks and toothbrushes, power-cords that are hanging from wall outlet and network cables on the floor. Then it will work fine. I had only 2 problems: 1) it got stuck on the doorways; 2) It got stuck under the sofa (that can be ignored by placing magnetic barrier); 3) Getting stucked caused it to lose the charging station location and never return to the base. Cleaning only one room at once should work fine.

  4. Thank you for this review!
    I want to buy a vacuum bot the next couple of days and I'm not very sure, which one to buy yet… :-/
    Unfortunately the Roomba 980 is very expensive in Germany. This is why I have to choose between the 880 (you showed in the video, too) and the Botvac Connected.
    Which one do you think is best? Or is it best to take the 980?
    Please help me ^^
    Greetings 🙂

  5. I have NEVER seen this kind of destruction from ANY of my friends OR their children? And are these kids toys? Or are they little helpers. Maybe they should know that the Roomba is like $1000 and that no child should be touching it. Seriously? But I did enjoy the commentary about the Neato and the Deebot. Spot on. I laughed at those. Bottom line, these aren't kids toys. Why are they involved? I did like the review, but the video and commentary were quite annoying. Apparently my dogs are more behaved than the children… And they're trainable.

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