deboot901 vs ibot roomba 980 Review

Watch the video below for an in-depth comparison between deboot901 vs ibot roomba 980.

Differences between deboot901 vs ibot roomba 980

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  1. I’m trying choose I have a Neato d4 and d3 and a deebot 901 witch one is better it’s hard to choose I like the Neato because it’s gentler on stuff and no issues with black rugs and it goes over bathroom rugs with ease but I like deebots ability to choose what room to clean but it don’t like black rugs and it Rams things and it struggles on some rugs and some times when that happens it will go thru a no go zone and I find my self doing more no go zones with the deebot because it comes back to the dock all scratched up and the laser cap like to hit my kitchen cabinets because it’s a little taller than the Neato laser cap can you help me

  2. i just bought a Neato D3 pro connected for like 40 percent cheaper than this thing. it has the same mapping and no go lines, a huge brush roll and the largest dustbin at 2 cups. it was 289 on amazon and we love it. i’m a single dad who works full time and have my daughter every day. it has been a game changer for us. we bought it based on the vacuum wars review. can’t say enough good things about it. based on my research it’s the best buy for the least amount of money.

  3. I have the deebot 900 robo vac. I had a neato before and it worked for about 2 years than. Quit working and when I called the customer support they were absolutely no help at all. So I started looking at new. Robo vacs. First I am a 76 year old person with a small house of 800 sq feet. it does a fantastic job. It out preforms the neato by far! Make sure when you get your new deebot to let it fully charge before trying it out and make sure to have everything picked up in the house the first time so it can make its map of your whole house. It will look lost and turn in circles while it is mapping the first time but let it do its thing. If she gets stuck pause her and restart her do not move her or she will not retain the first mapping and you will have to do it again. But as soon as you get the full mapping done you can then try to hook her up to the app. For me she hooked up very easily to the app and has worked flawlessly since. I have been able to make barriers through the app for places I do not want her to go most of the time so I can run her anytime even on the schedules you can make in the app. I tried several other robo vacs before deciding on the deebot 900 and looked at all options etc. this one had the most options, gets caught up less(due to the barrier feature you can set in the apps) I love my deebot and think you would too. I am going to make a video when I get a few extra minutes. Thank you deebot for a superior product.

  4. Love ours. Take the folding flap off the inside of the collection bin and it will pack dog hair in there better. Also the plastic piece that snaps in under the carriage, if you take wire cutters and cut the thin strips that cross the brush off hardly nothing will tangle on the brush. Great machine for the 300 price range absolutely love it

  5. Just got this little beauty today, bought it on a Black Friday sale and got a good deal on the machine and an extra set of filters and spinners, etc. All I can say is after charging it and letting it go on its first run is that I am absolutely FLOORED! Pun intended. 😉

  6. Hi. Is there any reason why I should buy two of these for the same price as neato d7? I'm just skeptical of the price difference. Sounds like there is zero reason to buy the neato D7 over deebot 901. Would you agree?

  7. Hey.

    Are thoses Robots only testones and u need to give them back? Or did u keep them?
    I feel so bad..i already have 3 Robots and this one looks great aswell. Should i buy another one ? Lol

  8. used ECOVACS ozmo 930 because i wanted the moping function. What an amazing smart machine, the navigation. cleaning and mopping worked very well. The noise level was very low, i would say it was almost half as loud as my Neato. The map and its function was very easy to use. BUT it could not navigate over my 1,5 cm doorsteps, so i sadly had to send it back. i have now used 300 dollars more and got a Neato d7 connect,. this works very good, and easily climbs over 2,0 cm doorsteps but it is not better than my Ozmo 930….expensive doorsteps

  9. great review, i'm confused. You said if the robot can't complete the house on the first run @ 110 minutes on low power lets say, you wont be able to setup the zones. But if it has recharge and resume features, it could take 10x recharges and resumes and eventually have the entire house mapped and on your phone. So did you made an error when you were speaking or is there something i'm missing?

  10. Could you please redo the roomba review and see if iRobot will send you a different on because I think something is wrong with the one you have. Every time I use mine or when I test t it dose better then what you come up with also I have had every roomba sense the first model and every once in a while there is that one defective one I have sent back a 980 got a new on and it works 10 times better thank you

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