dc 65 vs roomba 880 Review

Watch the video below for an in-depth comparison between dc 65 vs roomba 880.

Differences between dc 65 vs roomba 880

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  1. I personally love Sharks. I've seen a video of a Rainbow vs. Shark and the Shark won by a mile. If you ever get your hands on a Shark Apex, I'd love to see the difference between that and a Rainbow.

  2. Great vid next time clean up spills first. You should never vacuum up wet carpets with the electric hose and power head. Use the other non electric hose that came with it and the upholstery tool with the bristles removed to suck up liquids. Don't want to ruin a very expensive power head because it got wet. Lol

  3. Dude you can't even compare rainbow vacuums with other vacuums. Rainbow vacuums are on a whole higher level. I borrowed my brother in law's rainbow vac 2 years ago and still haven't returned it. He's rich he can go buy another one. The problem I have with Roomba's is the price tag. Something that expensive should not get it's ass kicked by shoe strings and socks constantly

  4. Rainbow owner for 10 years, my Mom had one since I was less than a year old (roughly 31 years old) and you cannot compare regular vacuums to Rainbows. My Rainbows aren't anywhere as new as your purchase (20 plus years old and model D4, browny-gold colour) but are actually some of the best designed Rainbows behind your E2. They're a little noisier but most of that is the white noise of the water. I actually use my machine for both wet and dry cleaning of upholstry, carpet and solid floors. I live in a pretty dusty area and when the ploughs are out on the road during the winter (Ontario, Canada) we collect a lot of sand in our houses, and the Rainbow always has a concentration of sand clinging to the bottom of the basin whenever I use it.

  5. I bought my Rainbow in summer 2006. Still works and is great I wouldn't want to be without it. One note, when you vacuum, make sure not to let the water get any dirtier than what it was in this vid. That's about when you want to stop/ dump/ change the water to clean water. If it gets too thick with crud, it won't trap as much dirt and it will end up going onto the hepa filter if you continue vacuuming.

  6. No don't dump that in the sink ! Girl you spent 3 grand on vacuum cleaners you really want to pay a plumber too!!!!
    The rainbow only filters the air with water it does not get the carpet wet if you do you will damage it . You need a carpet shampoo machine to get those stains out . Also if you wash the dyson filter in water with a cap full of bleach will kill the stink

  7. Hey ! it's Common sense ! Both the Roomba and the Dyson use '' Canisters '' to collect all the dirt and dust ! The Rainbow uses Water ! The same thing the Mother Nature uses to clean !! NOTHING beats a Rainbow and to think and say otherwise is just plain Retarded and Stupid !!! Rainbow is the BEST in the WORLD !!! ……. A Proud Rainbow owner and former Sales Rep ! ­čÖé

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