dbot vs roomba Review

Watch the video below for an in-depth comparison between dbot vs roomba.

Differences between dbot vs roomba

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  1. Sooo I’ve tried this with the 671. The trick is to leave some space between the sensor and the paper. I use aluminum tape works too…but only for some time. I’m trying some tweaks to this method now, haven’t found the perfect solution until now…but for now it’s better than to disable the sensors by opening the robot and voiding my warranty

  2. So my moms new Roomba has been getting stuck on our black carpet a lot. I did this and at first it wasnt working but on the pieces of paper I cut a tiny little corner off each one so it could see just a little bit of light and now its going perfectly! Thank you so much!

  3. The dude's proclamation at 3:48 notwithstanding, the method shown in this video (and the many, near identical, incarnations shown in other videos) WILL fail in time and may NOT work, regardless of how careful you are.

    Before you grab your scissors, consider the method demonstrated here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJDTyNdmMRA; an effective remedy for this annoying flaw in Roomba design; AND, is a fix that lasts the life of the vacuum; AND, works across ALL Roomba models. (as of the date of this post). Be warned, however, that this alternative method requires you to 1) COMPLETELY disassemble your Roomba, 2) disassemble and modify the cliff sensors, and 3) reassemble the vacuum.

  4. These tape fixes only last a couple weeks to maybe a month or two if you won the lottery. Dirt will find its way to get trapped underneath because you can't put a good amount of tape to keep it secure.

  5. Thank you so much, I've been having a ton of problems getting my roomba to go over my black carpet and I have tried everything. Aluminum foil over the sensors worked for a while but suddenly stopped working. After reapplying aluminum foil multiple times and having it still not working properly I stumbled upon this video and used your method. It's working fine now! hopefully it stays that way

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