dayson 360 eye vs roomba 980 Review

Watch the video below for an in-depth comparison between dayson 360 eye vs roomba 980.

Differences between dayson 360 eye vs roomba 980

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  1. Good to see a video that points out the limitations of the Dyson. I get fed up of ' Dyson lovers' who do not accept that their products are far from perfect and are overpriced!

  2. This video seemed like you picked out the 3 flaws in the Dyson. "Brush/vacuum volume, height, and a very shaggy rug".
    These robots aren't made to pickup large particles, merely keep a house clean of pet hair/dust. The Dyson has a bigger motor, filters, and cyclonic technology… So its taller….and the shag rug although the fairest test, most people do not have and most robots will grab.
    I've owned both, besides run time, bin size, and slowing down in low light…the Dyson performs the best and has the best build quality among ALL the competition.

  3. I'm sure that they made the Dyson eye 360 taller for a reason. This actually happened to me before, my roomba got stuck under the couch once and it wouldn't find it's way out again. So I had to move the couch the get it out. More trouble than it was worth! The Dyson eye 360 is the Artificial Intelligence of robotic vacuums!

  4. It would be nice to compare roomba with xiaomi vacuum cleaner. If it gets same results xiaomi is already winning (as it is half the price or less than roomba). I have one since monts and it's performing really well (but I never had any roomba for comparison)

  5. Yes i am impressed with the the test parameters but the choice of testing the robots is v poor. I would like to see the challenge between latest and most expensive models from Xiaomi, Roomba, LG & Samsung. Please do the test result among these models and show us the result

  6. Where is your data showing how well it performed cleaning dust (the single most important task)? Not very convincing or professional testing unfortunately. The tests represented niche situations that seemed contrived, and it's not even clear to what extent you followed the manufacturers instructions in the manual about floor preparation for this form of technology.

  7. If you don't believe this guy, look at the reviews from verified buyers on Amazon. Many of them gave it 1 star because of some of these same complaints. A lot of people gave it 5 stars as well, so it may be that some living spaces are a better fit for the Dyson. Who knows. I'm willing to give it the botd, since we have other Dyson products in the house (they're freaking awesome, been going on like 8 years now). But ultimately, I ended up going with the Roomba. They've had a lot of time to perfect the whole robot vacuum thing.

  8. none of these tests are 'fair' because no ones home really has random shit in a straight line, and since both dont map a room the same way it wouldnt be a fair test.
    So far all the people that do these tests in a straight line are just influencing an outcome.
    Also the time taken to clean a room doesnt mean one is worse than the other because they map rooms differently.

  9. Didn't realise there were Dyson fanboys.. who would have thought.. anyway, I've always bought Dyson however their vac is too chunky and clearly fails in the same tests that roomba had to do

  10. staged and obviously rigged video aside, unfortunately there's only one viable contender for me, and that's the Roomba 980, as the Dyson 360 STILL has not been released in Australia yet…unless you want to pay the outlandish AU$2k Amazon Australia are asking for it , where as they're selling the Roomba 980 for AU$1300 !!!

  11. Everyone so pissed off the Dyson sucks and blaming it on this guy – hilarious! First of all, the Dyson is way too big for a robot vac, and second, it clearly is inferior and over-priced. $1300 lol

  12. I am using the Dyson 360 eye for nearly a year now. So how much dust did it collect over time? To empty the Dyson box I suck it with the big SEBO Automatic X1 vacuum cleaner. Finally after using the Dyson 360 eye for 9 months the big dust bag of the SEBO Automatic X1 was full, indicating the need of a new bag with a red light. 🙂

  13. I literally just watched a video showing how top-notch the Dyson is at cleaning. It was a real-world person using it in a real-world setting. It did not contain any special or complicated things like in this video. Obviously biased towards the Roomba. Both are great vacuums.

  14. Jesus Christ the amount of butt hurt over a fucking vacuum cleaner is ridiculous. People have different opinions, get over it. You are what's wrong with this world.

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