d bot vs roomba Review

Watch the video below for an in-depth comparison between d bot vs roomba.

Differences between d bot vs roomba

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  1. After viewing your review, my daughter chose the Deebot 79s for her and hubby to give me for mothers day. Oh. My. Gosh. This little critter has made my life better. I have 2 dogs and an adult son (with long hair). I have all hardwoods with some scatter rugs. I set "rosie" to run 4x per week. The first 2weeks, I cleaned it out every 2 days. Now, I only have to clean it out about 1ce per week. It keeps my floors spotless. I move furniture around occasionally to let her get around the edges. I love it. Going to get a 2nd one for upstairs.

  2. Good video! Just to nitpick a little… I think you meant that the robot will do a 180 when you hit the reverse button. If it did a 360 it would just turn around in circles 🙂

  3. I enjoy your reviews! love the shirt too! lol. i got this Deebot for my parents. itll be delivered tomorrow. theres a few robot vacuums i read reviews about but kept coming back to this one because of the alexa integration. so much looking forward to that. roombas are just too expensive at the moment. anyway, keep up the awesome tech reviews. you and MKBHD are my fave tech reviewers.

  4. I bought the Deebot N79S a few days ago and just want to give you all an update on the app: it apparently got an update and now you can set the cleaning schedule to perform on your chosen days only, so if you only didn't buy this robot for the schedule in the app.. here you go 😉

  5. Lisa, thanks for your review. I have had the N79 for over a year and paid < $200 for it. The N79 does not have the extra power options that you noted for the N79S. You noted you could not schedule certain times and days but you absolutely can. We have our DeeBot run on Tuesday and Friday @ 3pm. Unless the N79S changed the code, I would think it would be able to do what it's early model could do with scheduling. The test on spot cleaning does show how most side brush systems would act. If you have your remote or phone in your hand, you would normally, manually go over that area with directional pointers. I personally use the spot clean in high use areas of the house that require multiple passes. I have friends with Roomba and my parents have the Samsung and both work equally, but much louder. I will note it is nice to have a conversation with someone while the DeeBot is running in the same room. It is even more relevant on a hardware floor, where everything echos. Just wanted to give real world experience. Thanks again for your review.

  6. Can you please do an overall comparison review of a vacuum that would work on some carpets please no one ever seems to use these on carpets and that's what I'm waiting for before I buy 1. Thank you Lisa your reviews are awesome.

  7. HI Lisa, I just bought this model and was looking for some varification of making the right choice, and you have done just that. Your review of this product was very informative, as well as entertaining. I really like how you're not selling the device but showcasing the good, the bad, and the ugly. Great work!

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