compare roomba 677 and 675 Review

Watch the video below for an in-depth comparison between compare roomba 677 and 675.

Differences between compare roomba 677 and 675

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  1. I just want to say thank u!! I was looking for this kind of reviews… a lot of ppl just make a video about it when they buy it but nothing about a month later, or an year.. and this is the kind of things that I want to know! When u spend money u want to know how long your investment will be good for!!

  2. Hi ans thanks for the review.
    I'm currently looking for a robot and even if roomba is popular it's kind of really hard to find test or long feedbacks.
    The model who gets my attention is the roomba 676, probably an updated version or different color/market model than yours.
    Are you still satisfied with it?
    Did you try to let it clean a whole floor by letting doors opened?
    I plan to let it cleans the flat on regular basis. So i need to know if he can do the job or if i need a "smarter" one in higher price range which maps the flat and remember where to go and where it stopped.
    My flat is around 70 squraremeters.
    Thanks in advance for your answer.

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