compare roomba 675 vs roomba 891 Review

Watch the video below for an in-depth comparison between compare roomba 675 vs roomba 891.

Differences between compare roomba 675 vs roomba 891

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  1. What about pet poop? How do they see it, avoid it or do they simply spread it around all the floors in all the rooms?
    Really want one of these but i have a dog that some times poops.

  2. I can only comment on the Roomba. So the manufacturer has a video showing EMPTY rectangle rooms which is not reality. I have a 2500 sq ft home with a dog and between my 8 dining room chairs and other furniture where it continuously gets stuck, unlike this videos living room furniture that the Roomba can go under it, is not realistic for most homes. I have no carpet. Only tile and hardwood floors but the time it takes me to get it unstuck from under furniture I could have dusted my floors in 10 minutes compared to the time you have to babysit this vacuum. My daughter-in-law almost moves all their chairs and obstacles to another room just to get it to not get stuck and clean well. Way too much effort! Yes, it picks up a lot of excess but it definitely misses so many places and often totally ignores areas (like a large kitchen?!!!). This definitely cuts down on using several dusters, like a Swiffer floor duster, so that is a plus. Do not think this totally replaces having to dust your floors before cleaning them with a mop. Why? Trying using a Swiffer duster or whatever you currently would use, I end up with a lot of remaining dust, hair, dirt. So time spent babysitting it added to the time spent needing to then manually dust the floor before mopping is not worth my time so I only use it in my master bedroom. My dog does not go in there. Also, it sometimes ignores the towers to block access to a room. It is not consistent. Some days it does and others it doesn't.

  3. What is this retardation? Roborock S5 is the best robot vacuum in the world, yes it beats all the iRobots and iFagots… look at any other review… and it's cheaper than your cheapest.

  4. I bought an iRobot Roomba 985 and it was malfunctioning only less than 10 days after purchasing. It keeps backing up and running in circle then says Error16. I didn't know that the robot i bought should be used in North America only or the warranty would be voided, because they didn't say that on the packaging box. Now their customer care people insists that I should bare the loss and buy a new one.

  5. I strongly prefer electronics that do not require companion apps as i am paranoid and dont line having to allow these company in my home to map every literal inch. Pff fuch that shit yo! Thanks to its it all depends on what you want. I ihave the ilife and love it but i only have a small area rug and the rest of my flooring is solid.

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