compare roomba 645 and 650 Review

Watch the video below for an in-depth comparison between compare roomba 645 and 650.

Differences between compare roomba 645 and 650

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4 thoughts on “compare roomba 645 and 650 Review”

  1. Looking at one device and not being compared with other robot cleaning machine, make this review pointless. Your pros and cons should be about what makes this product better or worse then it's competitor. If this is your firm robot cleaning machine, which is sound like it is, of course you would be impress on what it does. This shouldn't be call a full review, as for you have not mention all the features.

  2. Great video, I was planning on buying one of those. My only concern is if it can clean a 170m2 /1800ft2 (singe level) area in one charge. I know this model can't rememeber where it was to resume work and you can´t schedule it, so would you recommend it for my needs?

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