botvac d5 connected vs roomba Review

Watch the video below for an in-depth comparison between botvac d5 connected vs roomba.

Differences between botvac d5 connected vs roomba

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  1. Neato is absolutely garbage. I spent 3 hours trying to get my Neato Botvac D7 Connected to connect to the app, I tried it on an Android, and iOS device, 4 iOS devices and 2 Android devices, and it didn't pair. Took me 3 minutes to pair my Roomba i7 to my phone. When I had my Botvac D5, I was able to pair it in 2 hours, but it got stuck on every little thing, if I had a phone cord out, it got stuck on it, if there's a rug, it gets stuck on it. My Roomba only gets stuck on rugs occasionally. Just buy a Roomba.

  2. Got a problem with your dirt/sand test at 12:30. Did you vac up the dirt after the Neato with a plug in straight vac or just dump new dirt over the old dirt giving the Roomba more dirt to suck up? If not, your test is invalid.

    I prefer the Neato because the Roomba cleans too sporadically with no clear path. The Neato cleans like you would mow a yard (the right way)

  3. I think you should’ve compared the D7 and the 980 because they are both the top of the line robots from both companies. It’s a little unfair since the botvac is a lower robot that Neato makes.

  4. Tbh I have both and I don’t even use the Spot clean mode for either of them. If I do spill things I just use the Roomba’s remote to manually control the bot to clean it up. It’s much faster and efficient

  5. I have a Roomba 880 and it will not reliably pick up clumps of cat fur from my Berber carpets, it eats the corner of my rugs and bumps into furniture like no tomorrow. I am looking to replace, going with the Botvac connected after testing a D75 here in my house. It picked up everything the botvac left behind.

  6. I hope autonomous car programmers are going to do better job. I dont want my new car bringing sample of every neighborhood lantern and street sign paint back to my garage. Are thy supposed to continuously bump into things like furniture and walls?

  7. Not sure that your sand on carpet test was executed well. The sand from the botvac test was still visible. Therefore, the "90%" of 1 cup of sand retrieved by the Roomba, is more likely to be actually 60% of 1 1/2 cups.

  8. good review and unbiased. I assess vacuum cleaners (not robots) for the major retailers in Australia and the sand test is the only way to do carpet pickup test comparisons, however I was wondering if you gave the carpet a good vacuum with an upright vac after you tested the Neato and before testing the iRobot to ensure there was no (or very little) sand left in the carpet? The way I test is a bit more technical but I have to make sure the carpet mats i use are perfectly clean in between tests. Having said that, it is clearly obvious just visually that the 980 picks up more sand and does a better job. I saw in the comments below someone asking for a review between the 980 and the Dyson Eye. Just wondering if you have managed to do that as it will be interesting to see what your results are compared to other reviews i have seen?

  9. I just got a roomba 890, total waste of money and time. The staircase sensor picks up the bold pattern in my rugs as the edge of stairs. The unit shuts down with an error 6 and that's it. I'm taking it back to exchange for a neato.

  10. Amazing review. I think it's the best i've watched. I am looking into retail and maintenance of vacuum robots here in Nigeria. It is a new market here and i have been online trying to watch different reviews, so i can make the best choices. I do not have all the money to throw about in experimentation so i have to make specific purchases. So far so good, your experiments and reviews have taken about "95%" of my experiment need (Just like the Roomba :D).

    I have one question though. Which robot would you recommend for a larger room size. Like a small hall, for a small gathering. I do not mind having multiple robots to do this. Robots might be too expensive for the larger population to purchase, so it will be easier to provide the robot cleaning services to Newly constructed houses that haven't been bought, or halls, as large as the robots can work on. I was looking into the iRobot Braava series for this, since most large floors here are plain tiled or hard wood, so mopping would be easier, and cheaper too. Or what do you think?

    Anyway, amazing review you've done here!!!

  11. I just bought me a neato botvac connected due to this review, and I am very satisfied with the cleaning it does. It navigates smart and precise. The only downside to the botvac is its little corner brush which always gets tangled up by my wifes long hairs. It gets tangled so intense that I have to remove several bristles of the brush after each cleaning session making the brush smaller and smaller each time. Since I havent tried the Roomba 980 I cannot tell if it too would have the same problem with long human hair. I'm gonna vote for my wife to do a Britney instead of bying new sidebrushes. Thanks for this great comparison video!

  12. but I am not using the robot to spot clean the floor.

    All I want is for it to pickup those tiny dust bunnies, and Neato seems to do a much better job at covering all the corners.

  13. I would have liked to see if either can navigate over a black carpet and which is better at navigating an entire house. I also would have liked to see you compare the competing Samsung PowerBot. Otherwise, great review!

  14. Just got off the phone with neato. They say they haven't upgraded their navigation abilities on their vacuums for YEARS. They said the old Xv series and d 80 are basically the same as the newest d3 and d5 and even Connected top of the line vacuums. Lame.

  15. Neato is good but NOT RELIABLE at all. My 1st lasted 20 days!! ( thinking it might be a lemon?! ) So, picked up 2nd Neato, well this one lasted a little longer, just over 3 months. Apparently with the same error code (#3000). Switched to Roomba.

  16. Did you notice that the test with the dirt on the carpet was not a fair one? For Neato Botvac you had 1 cup of dirt, and you showed that it sucked up about 1/2 a cup. In the video for the next test, it was clear that half a cup of dirt was still in the carpet for the next test with iRobot Roomba. You poured another 1 cup into the carpet which means there is now 1.5 cups of dirt in the carpet for iRobot Roomba 980 to try pickup. I think this difference in dirt may have skewed the results, making iRobot Roomba look 'much' better then it would have if you had the same amount of dirt in the carpet for both tests. All other tests were good.

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