bobsweeps vs roomba Review

Watch the video below for an in-depth comparison between bobsweeps vs roomba.

Differences between bobsweeps vs roomba

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  1. Instructions tell you to watch the bob sweep to make sure you fix things where it gets stuck. Mine works great and picks up pet hair fine. you do know though that you still have to clean but it does help pick up tons of hair and grit things you track in daily.

  2. it's a result of Made In China's manufacturing. iRobot's contract to make their produce in China and China manufacturer just "made" something similar and sells at half price of iRobot product LOL.
    American companies kill themselves!

  3. Hi, Yea I think you misunderstood the "pet" version. it has more to do with how it picks up hair etc and not avoiding pets. there's really no way to distinguish between a pet or a chair leg or a person. Its about the particle pickup not about avoiding animals.

  4. Fabulous review!! Thanks so much for making this video. I have been looking for something to supplement my Roomba with, looking for a robot to vacuum the bedrooms while Roomba is busy with the kitchen, living room, and 2 hall ways. Anyhow I think I would have kicked Bob right in the ass. You have a lot of patience my friend.. I will not be buying this one. Thanks alot

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