bobsweep wpp56001ch vs roomba Review

Watch the video below for an in-depth comparison between bobsweep wpp56001ch vs roomba.

Differences between bobsweep wpp56001ch vs roomba

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8 thoughts on “bobsweep wpp56001ch vs roomba Review”

  1. So am I to understand that you have not personally tested? It sounds like you are basing a large amount of your scientific data on users reviews, which we all know can be very subjective . Such as a reviewer who is upset because his box was damaged in shipping, or he/she was simply not advanced enough technologically to understand the options. Great camera presence and confidence though.

  2. it seems you do offer an endorsement while not endorsing. if you have a larger home, according to your video, the Pethair is not sufficient and thus you will need the Pethair plus.

  3. Your questionnaire does not give models at the end. It just says:
    "This is the VERY BEST vacuum for you:
    This is the SECOND BEST vacuum for you:
    This is the THIRD BEST vacuum for you:"
    without giving the models.

  4. I wanted to buy a robot vacuum for awhile, but did not want to pay $350 and up. It would be used just to clean the floors of a small condo with pet cat. The Bobsweep Pethair has good reviews and only cost $189 at so I just decided order one with a 20% Target discount and only paid $164 w/tax. My main concern is how well the standard Pethair model vs Pethair Plus transitions from tile to an area rug or carpet.

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