This Product Cannot Be Shipped To The Selected Region. Aliexpress

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If you’ve ever ordered anything from Aliexpress, then chances are you’ve seen this error message at some point:

“Aliexpress This Product Can’t Be Shipped To The Selected Region”

It’s pretty disheartening to see, as it means you can’t order what you wanted. Why does this error appear? Well, it’s usually because that specific item isn’t available for shipping to your country.

We know that it’s super annoying to find the item you want in stock at Aliexpress, only to see that pesky error message. Sometimes it’s impossible to find another online retailer selling the same item!

So, what can you do about it?

Well, there is a service called MyUS that can help! MyUS will give you a US-based address that you’ll use when ordering from Aliexpress (or any other store for that matter).

Once they receive your goods, they’ll forward them on to you.

Don’t know if it’ll work for you? Fear not, as ships to over 220 countries, so it’s likely they ship to your country, and you won’t have to see those frustrating error messages ever again

This is an excellent way to have goods shipped internationally, even if the online store only ships U.S. domestic.

By using a US-based address for shipping, you can shop at pretty much any online store, as the vast majority ship to the USA.

Getting around shipping restrictions isn’t the sole benefit of using MyUS though; you can also save yourself significant amounts of money on shipping fees.

Less money wasted on shipping = more money for buying cool things online!

How does that work? It’s pretty straightforward.

MyUS will await the arrival of all your orders before forwarding them on to you as one shipment. By doing it like this, rather than shipping them individually, it significantly reduces the shipping costs.

This can also save you money on sites that do ship internationally, but charge huge fees to do so.

Compared to individual shipping for each item, MyUS can save you lots of money on shipping costs – up to 80%, in fact.

But how do you know that MyUS is trustworthy? Will your packages turn up at your door safe and sound?

The answer is yes, your items will arrive to you safely. MyUS has millions of customers, and they have shipped a whopping 19 million packages over the last 20+ years.

So, you can save money on shipping and sleep well knowing your packages are in expert hands.

MyUS offer a free trial of their service. Try it and see for yourself whether the service is useful for you. It’s a great way to test their international shipping, 100% risk free.

Now you can order items from online stores without encountering error messages!