600 vs 700 roomba battery life Review

Watch the video below for an in-depth comparison between 600 vs 700 roomba battery life.

Differences between 600 vs 700 roomba battery life

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  1. That black plastic thing contains a thermistor which will sense if the battery gets too hot when it's charging. It should be handled with care and tested before removing. Also I believe the 400 series used NiCad batteries vs the 500 series which uses NiMh batteries. Big difference there. You are also incorrect about your facts regarding Nicads vs. NiMhs batteries. Nicads suffer from a "memory effect" and do not like being fully discharged. NiMh batteries are superior in many ways. I am an electronics tech here and Google is your friend.

  2. Thanks Man , I just got main and the Plastic thing was broken , I was on my way to return it and decided to watch your Video, I also thought that the plastic thing is kind of Fuse or something with wires like this. All is well

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