530 vs 621 roomba Review

Watch the video below for an in-depth comparison between 530 vs 621 roomba.

Differences between 530 vs 621 roomba

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  1. Hi. My old Roomba 772 has been working flawlessly from HA since i did this upgrade thanks to this great video.
    But I have one small problem. From time to time the Roomba decides to leave the dock because of lost connection to the dock and starts moving around in search for the dock it just left. Sometimes it would be useful to just stop it where it is. Especially at night.
    The "stop" command sets it to returning-mode, witch its already in, and I can't figure out how to make it just stop where it is. Similar to pressing the round button on top of it. Maybe its called "pause"?
    Any tips on how to do this?

  2. I have a 600 series so I can't use it but I have similar thin gs like I got a remote control and I just run my Roomba every day, 2 times a day but some times it just dies in the middle of the floor

  3. Can't seem to get this project working. I can get the esp01 connected to wifi when i have it connected to my serial->usb but when i connect it to the roomba the esp never comes online. I know the solder connections are good, i've tested everything with a multimeter, so the voltages are good (3.27v) And I've used the serial->usb, bypassed the buckconverter and reflashed the esp01 via the soldered connections, so i know the pnp, rx, and tx are in good shape. Anybody have any troubleshooting steps I should try out?

  4. Great Video!
    I have a problem to bring the commands into my homebridge.

    First of all, i got over MQTT.fx the battery and the charging as a subscriber.
    I Can´t start or stop the cleaner over publish.

    in the homebridge i install the plugin npm

    Homebridge plugin supporting various services over MQTT
    homebridge-mqttthing v1.0.43

    With a typical switch it will not work.

    "accessory": "mqttthing",
    "type": "switch",
    "name": "<name of switch>",
    "url": "<url of MQTT server (optional)>",
    "username": "<username for MQTT (optional)>",
    "password": "<password for MQTT (optional)>",
    "caption": "<label (optional)>",
    "getOn": "<topic to get the status>",
    "setOn": "<topic to set the status>"
    "integerValue": "true to use 1|0 instead of true|false default onValue and offValue",
    "onValue": "<value representing on (optional)>",
    "offValue": "<value representing off (optional)>",
    "turnOffAfterms": "<milliseconds after which to turn off automatically (optional)>",
    "resetStateAfterms": "<milliseconds after which to reset state automatically (optional)>"

    Anyone have a idea what i can do to involve the roomba in my homebridge?
    My wife become angrier and angrier each day 🙂

  5. Help. I have to clean up and return to dock working with the mqtt commands. But I'am getting back a 126 for the charging status, which is only supposed to be 0-5. Please help. thx
    Awesome video!

  6. I've been working on this project for a few weeks, it's a super neat idea… however I keep getting the error "cannot declare variable 'espClient' to be of abstract type 'WiFiClient'" every time I go to compile the code? anyone have a solution?

  7. Great video! This was my first ever MQTT and Arduino and I got it working.
    However I have two problems:
    – My Roomba 772 goes to sleep while on dock both using this sketch and the 600-sketch connecting D4 to BRC.
    – Also my Homeassistant 0.95 won't discover the Roomba connected to my Mosquitto-broker installed via addon. I can start the roomba via another MQTT-client in Windows so I know it works.
    Any suggestions?

  8. I really don't understand the need to add wifi. the only thing you gain is scheduling and remote control, so is it that much harder to walk to the Roomba and press the start button vs pulling the phone out of your pocket, opening the app, and then pressing start? What would be a really useful upgrade is to add several times the battery capacity strapped onto the top of this thing so it could run for a couple hours straight.

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